Clean and Paint

A through cleaning followed by paint is the quickest way to change the appearance of a room. All too often contractors do not wipe everything down before they paint. They just paint over the dust. That is just lazy and at Toledo Property Cleanup we are not lazy. More »

Basements, Attics and Garages

Where can I put this stuff that I do not need right now? The easy answer is at the top of the house, the bottom of the house or out in the garage. We all do it. Sometimes we also forget just how much stuff we collect. More »

The Dreaded Bathroom Cleaning

I have not met a person who says they like to clean the bathroom and yet it is one of the places that need to be cleaned thoroughly. As much as every advertiser tries to tell you their product will make it easy as pie... it really comes down to elbow grease. More »

Appearance, Appearance, Appearance

There is really no need to move trash and furniture to the front porch and leave it there. Move it once to a dumpster or trailer. Move it to the landfill if it is not wanted. More »

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We are not a Handyman Service. We are specifically Cleaning Experts. If we have to paint walls that can not become clean any other way then we paint. If it means un-cluttering your attic, basement, garage or yard to make your life better then we un-clutter. If we have to mow, till or plant flowers then that is what we do and stay tuned to our blogs for great tips and tricks we use to make homes beautiful again. More »


Clean your toilet in three minutes

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Don’t use the same gloves you use in the kitchen. Buy a pair for the bathroom only!! Get a spray bottle and mix 1 tablespoon of dish detergent with 6 ounces of water. spray everything down except the bowl (everything).

Don’t We Wish

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Even though we wish we could have our to-do list complete everyday it just seems impossible anymore. The old days are gone when we worked, went home, had a great meal and sat down to relax. Now we are go,

I Hate Winter


How many time have you said it… I hate winter. Shoveling, scraping cars, dragging in snow and slush and mostly being cold when you hit the outdoors. But then again there is hot chocolate, snowmen, little kids laughing and throwing

Window Cleaning Secrets

Toledo Property Cleanups

Anytime you are cleaning windows and the sills have an angled 2½” dry paintbrush to remove any dust. Next you take Lysol Disinfectant wet towels (two sheets) and wash the window pane thoroughly (only one pane at a time). Make sure

Your lawn needs work in the fall


Fall is upon us and the need to get your yard ready for winter is also here. Leaves need to be moved, branches disposed of, rose bush canes cut, fertilizer applied and the list goes on. We are the ones

Property Cleanups


When it is time to empty your parent’s home, condo or apartment, it is often an emotional time and sometimes more than you have time to handle. The first step is to go from room to room setting aside the